Deo Vindice

("If We Do Not Forget")


I salute the Confederate flag, with affection, reverence, and undying devotion to the Cause for which it stands.

Welcome to the Homepage of the

General Louis Hebert Camp 2032

Of The Sons of Confederate Veterans

Lafayette, Louisiana


Louisiana Division Distinguished Camp 2005

Louisiana Division Distinguished Camp 2006

All comments on this page are my personal opinion and it is my privilege to provide this web page..

Travis J. Callahan SCV


3rd Louisiana Infantry Flag courtesy of Jim's Flags

I wish to express my  disappointment at the poor attendance at the past three meetings. 2nd Lt. Commander Terry Badon works very hard to provide  some exceptional speakers and then the turnout is poor. These  speakers may consider not participating in  our meetings in the future.
The SCV is  a very small group  of 30,000 people  across this great nation who are trying to prevent the War of Northern Aggression  from being stricken from the history books in years to come.  We must be visible to the public  in an honorable manner and membership is so critical to our cause. Please consider paying your dues each year and being on hand for every meeting possible.

Ask your friends to join us. Camp Genealogists are standing by to help determine if someone is eligible for membership.

Commander Mike Broussard wants to remind everyone that your dues are  payable now and are $35.00.  You may mail your dues to:

Adjutant Clarence Bonin,

108 Washitta Road

Lafayette, LA 70501-7756

  Thank you.

Quote of the Month

Tradition usually rest's upon something which men did know,
History is often the manufacture of the mere liar.
By Jefferson Davis

Submitted by 2nd Lt. Commander Terry Badon


Sick Call

 Let me know if you are aware of a sick Member

Lee Jackson Banquet

Lee Jackson Banquet was held on January 8, 2015 at  Alesi Pizza.

The Speaker was our own  Chaplain Charles McGowan

 Who spoke on the lives of Generals Lee and Jackson

Compatriot McGowan displays a picture he himself painted of General Lee

Remember that Guests are always welcome at all Camp meetings.  

October 9, 2014 Meeting

Our   speaker for the October 9, 2014 meeting was Michael Fraering, Curator

 of the Port Hudson State Historic Site. He has been the Curator
of the site 

 for the past 27 years. He is also the Historical Weapons Officer for Louisiana State Parks.

August 14, 2014 Meeting

Our speaker for the August meeting was Michael Dan Jones. Here is a little

 background on Mr. Jones


A Louisiana resident, author-historian Michael Dan Jones is a Vietnam War veteran and an avid student of military history, particularly the War for Southern Independence. He is also a veteran living history re-enactor who took part in the 125th anniversary reenactment of the First Battle of Manassas as a member of the Tiger Rifles re-enactment unit. Jones is a retired newspaperman and has written articles for prominent historical magazines. He is a 1974 cum laude graduate of the University of Houston and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Sons of the American Revolution, and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars. Jones is the recipient of the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal from the United Daughters of the Confederacy for a series of articles he wrote on the Battle of Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana. Other notable awards he has received are the Distinguished Service Medal and the Commander-In-Chief's Award, both from the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from his local SCV camp, Captain James W. Bryan Camp 1390. Jones co-authored "Lee's Foreign Legion: A History of the 10th Louisiana Infantry Regiment," with Thomas Walter Brooks. He has also authored unit histories on Co. B, 1st Battalion (Wheat's) Louisiana Volunteers in "The Tiger Rifles: The Making of a Louisiana Legend," "General Mouton's Regiment: The 18th Louisiana Infantry," "Vicksburg 28th Louisiana Infantry," and "Confederate States Rangers: Company K, 10th Louisiana Infantry." Michael Dan Jones recently published "Mouton's Charge at the Battle of Mansfield," and is currently working on another Louisiana Confederate unit history. His books are available on and other online booksellers. 


Once more Compatriot Clarence Bonin is honored with an award

June 2014 Meeting
Our June meeting featured Commander Mike broussard speaking on the life of General Louis Hebert. Compatriot Broussard is a charter member of the Hebert Camp founded in 2003.

July 2014  Meeting

Our July meeting  featured Judith Fenner Gentry  who spoke on General Kirby Smith's early leadership in the Trans Mississippi.

Ph.D.   Rice University, 1969
Professor of History, University of Louisiana at Lafayette emerita   1969-2013
President, Louisiana Historical Association, 1991-1992        



 Camp Calendar of Events

On May 10, 2014 a celebration to commemorate the 150 year anniversary of the Battle of Calcasieu  Pass, LA was held at the Cameron Parish Courthouse. Commander Mike Broussard, Historian Clyde Aucoin, and Hebert Camp Genealogists Irvin "Toby" Akers and Travis Callahan were in attendance. Also present were Micky Akers and Diana Callahan.

The entrance to the old Courthouse with the Veteran's Memorial

Some of the SCV members in attendance from East Texas and North and South Louisiana

General Louis Hebert Camp 2032 

Historian Clyde Aucoin, Commander Mike Broussard, Camp Genealogists Travis Callahan and Toby Akers

Clyde Aucoin & Mike Broussard of The General Louis Hebert Camp 2032

Commander Mike Broussard of The General Louis Hebert Camp 2032 addresses the gathering

The Salute

Meeting May 8, 2014

At the  meeting of Camp 2032  on May 8, 2014,   our speaker was history teacher and film producer Chris Veady  .

Click here to see the work of Mr.  Veade.

He   presented a program  on Ft DeRussy and its role in the Red River Campaign. 

Meeting 4-10-14

At the  Meeting of Camp 2032 on April 10, 2014. Our speaker   Richard Holloway, spoke  on the importance of Confederate History Month.

Compatriot Richard Holloway answers questions from the members.

Click here for information on Mr. Holloway, our April Speaker


If you know of someone who may be interested in joining The SCV, and the General Louis Hebert Camp 2032,  please have them contact Toby Akers, David K. Landry, or Travis Callahan who are our Camp Genealogists. Their email addresses are listed below.

November 14, 2013 was  our annual meeting where these officers were elected for the coming two years.

The following  are  the 2014 & 2015 Elected Officers of  The Gen. Louis Hebert Camp  2032 .

Camp Commander    George Michael  Broussard                                                                                                               

1st. Lt. Commander    Dale Timothy Hebert 

2nd Lt. Commander  Terry Badon

Adjutant/Treasurer     Clarence Bonin

Chaplain      Steven Clark                                             

Historian     Clyde Aucoin                                                                              


Appointed By The Commander

Judge Advocate  Position open

Genealogist/Webmaster /Acting Secretary  Travis Callahan

Genealogist      Irvin "Toby" Akers

Genealogist   David K. Landry

Color Sgt.  Frederick  Hebert

Quartermaster     Position open

Newsletter is the  Hebert Camp Web Page 



The Lee/ Jackson Banquet was held January 9,

 2014 and  featured some

of the  New Officers being installed . The speaker was noted author

Reggie Ann Walker Wyatt of Shreveport. She is a long time researcher of

 the War Between The States and has written

three books on the life and death of Jessie James

Reggie Walker Wyatt speaks to the Camp


Camp Associate member and acting Chaplain Charles McGowan installs

some of the new officers . They are left to right

Steven Clark, Camp Chaplain, Clyde Aucoin, Historian,  Adjutant Clarence

 Bonin ,and
 George Michael Broussard, Camp Commander.

ommander Mike Broussard presents former Commander and now

adjutant, Clarence Bonin with a certificate of appreciation. Bonin

has been Commander since the Camp was chartered ten years ago in 2003.

Commander Broussard explains the Flags of The Confederacy  to the

 group. All of these flags flew  over Louisiana during the War.

October 10 Meeting featured Clyde Aucoin and his second in a series of three programs describing General Grant's Vicksburg Campaign. Clyde has an exceptional memory and really makes the campaign come to life with his slide presentation from the battlefield.

Editor's note:

I have communicated  with the great grandson of General Pemberton for the past 20 years. J.D. Pemberton is over 90 years old at this time and is as sharp in memory as a person can be. Clyde recently spoke to Mr. Pemberton by phone about his famous ancestor.




Copy of the Original hand drawn Christmas Card at Camp Pratt in 1862




New Camp decals are now available from  Commander Mike Broussard . The decal is actual  size as shown and costs $6.00 each.

June 13, 2013 our speaker was  Ted Brode, Commander, Louisiana Division 

   He spoke to the Camp about The Slave Narratives which were interviews with living former slaves.

Camp 2032 Commander Clarence Bonin (left)  , Louisiana SCV Commander Ted Brode (center) , induct David K. Landry into the SCV .

Camp 2032 Adjutant George Michael Broussard and Commander Clarence Bonin present the 2013 Hunley Award to Sean Mowrey May 1, 2013 at Comeaux High School

Meeting May 9, 2013

Picture compliments of Allen Dale Belaire

May 9, 2013  our speaker was noted Columnist William Thibodeaux who spoke on the Jayhawkers in South Louisiana

The speaker at our September 12, 2013 meeting was  our own Clyde Aucoin who spoke on another of his visits to historical places.

Our speaker at the July 11, 2013 meeting was Our own Ray Schwartz who related his experience as a re-enactor at the recent Gettsburg Event.

Our Speaker at  the August 8, 2013  meeting was Chaplain  Troy Chandler of the General Franklin Gardner Camp  .

Meetings are held every second Thursday at Alesi's Pizza 

Social hour is 6:00 with  Meeting time at 7:00.

Alesi's is on

 Johnston (4110 Johnston St) on the left at Brentwood Blvd., as

 you come into Lafayette from the South. Plenty of parking next door at the bank.



April 11, 2013 Meeting


 Picture compliments of Allen Dale Belaire

Our speaker for the April 11, 2013 meeting was John Reed who spoke on  the period  when Opelousas was the State Capital during the War. 

 Opelousas became the capital of Confederate Louisiana in May 1862 after Union forces occupied Baton Rouge. The Lt. Governor at that time was Charles Homere Mouton, whose home in Opelousas became a temporary residence of the Governor at the time. Because of this, Moutonís home became the Governorís Mansion, a title it still bears today.

Thomas Overton Moore was Governor of the State from 1860 to 1864 . Henry Watkins Allen was Governor from 1864 through 1865.


March 14, 2013 Meeting


Camp 2032 member Clyde Aucoin presents a report on The Confederate forts in the Pineville, Louisiana area.


   February 28, 2013 Meeting


Noted Columnist William Thibodeaux spoke to the group on claims for restitution filed against the Federal Government by Southerners after the War.

Picture courtesy of Allen Dale Belaire


 Matthew Broussard is Inducted into Camp 2032 February 28, 2013

Picture courtesy of Allen Dale Belaire



January 10, 2013 Meeting

Jason Oliver and Cullen Broussard were welcomed into the Hebert Camp at the Lee/Jackson Banquet.


Jason Oliver and Cullen Broussard were welcomed into the Hebert Camp at the Lee/Jackson Banquet.

Pictures courtesy of Clyde Aucoin


  The Lee/Jackson Banquet  was held January 10, 2013  at Alesi's Pizza Restaurant, Lafayette, LA. Our speaker was  noted Author and Musician Ricky Pittman .



Rickey E. Pittman, storyteller, author, and folksinger was the Grand Prize Winner of the 1998 Ernest Hemingway Short Story Competition, and is originally from Dallas, Texas. Pittman presents his stories, music and programs at schools, libraries, organizations, museums, Civil War Reenactments, and Celtic festivals throughout the South.  His first CD of songs from the American Civil War is entitled Bard of the South. His second CD of Scottish and Irish songs, The Minstrel Boy,  was released Jan. 2012. Pittman  has a BA in New Testament Greek and an MA in English Literature from Abilene Christian University and currently teaches college level freshman composition and literature.



Another Adopt A Road clean up at Camp Pratt  was held May 19, 2012 See pictures below.



Meeting October 12, 2012



Irvin "Toby" Akers is inducted into the Hebert Camp by 1st Lt. Commander Dale Hebert and Commander Clarence Bonin.

Photo by Allen Dale Belaire




Meeting September 13, 2012


Members of the Captain James W. Bryan Camp 1390 attended our meeting


These members of Camp 1390  visited with the Hebert Camp to discuss the many ways that they interact with their community to bring attention and honor to their Camp and the SCV.

From left to right, Greg Newton, Archie Toombs, Luke Dartez,  and Andy Buckley.





Meeting of August 9, 2012

SCV Louisiana Division Commander Ted Brode presents the coveted award for Excellence to Hebert Camp Commander Clarence Bonin


Acting Chaplain Joshua LeBlanc hands over the badge for Color Sergeant to Fred Hebert


Compatriot Clyde Aucoin presents a talk on his attendance at the re-enactment of Brices Cross Roads Battle 

where Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrestís 3,500 cavalry troops routed the Yankee force of 8,100  commanded by 

Brig. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis .


Meeting of July 12, 2012

David Bell is the Camp 2032 newest member shown here being inducted by Acting Chaplain Joshua LeBlanc


Mr. Charles McGowan speaks to the members on Religion in the daily life of a CSA soldier, Private Thomas Marion Shields. He read passages from a book written by the soldier's great granddaughter Aliene Shields. 

The  book is a collection of the soldier's letters home to his wife and comments by Aliene Shields.





 John Francois, SCV, is shown presenting, in the name of the Gen. Louis Hebert Camp 2032, the SCV Junior ROTC H. L. Hunley Award to Cadet PO1 Haley Gonsoulin of Comeaux High School this past 2 May at their awards night assembly.
    The award is presented to a cadet who has demonstrated the qualities of Honor, Courage, and Commitment to his or her unit throughout the school year. The award honors the crews of the Confederate Submarine H. L. Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy vessel in combat.




Meeting of June 14, 2012


Ken Broussard is Inducted into The SCV by acting Chaplain Joshua Leblanc



Meeting of May 10, 2012

Our  speaker  was Ms. Donna Greco, long time educator and member of the United Daughters of The Confederacy on the life of General Lee after the War.

Pictures compliments of Compatriot Allen Dale Belaire

1st Lt. Commander Dale Hebert, left and Fred Hebert right honored  Ray Schwartz 

as they inducted him  as a  Member of the SCV Mechanized Calvary.

Learn about the Mechanized Calvary by clicking on this link


Pictures compliments of Compatriot Allen Dale Belaire

Meeting April 12, 2012


Gerald Gaspard is inducted into the General Louis Hebert Camp. Gerald is a descendant of 

Private Charles Zepherin Gaspard of Co. G, 7th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment


 Our Speaker was  Mr. Michael Dan Jones the author of 

The Tiger Rifles

The Making of a Louisiana Legend

A history of Company B, 1st Special Battalion (Wheat's) Louisiana Volunteers in the War Between the States.


Pictures compliments of Compatriot Allen Dale Belaire

Meeting March 08, 2012

John Reed gave a very interesting presentation to the membership on the operation of  Cannons and the various artillery ammunition used during the war. John uses replicas of several types of ammunition that he fabricates himself in his presentations. John is a long time artillery re-enactor .

Photo By Allen Dale Belaire




Meeting February 9, 2012


Roland Robin was inducted into Camp 2032 at the February 8, 2012 meeting. Shown left to right are Commander Bonin , the inductee, Roland Robin and his sponsor Father Kenneth Domingue


Photo courtesy of Clyde Aucoin





Pictures from the Past


This picture is from the same date as the picture below. The Soldier in the middle is Col. Charles Santana

Above Picture submitted  by August Gerard Schwartz, Orlando, Florida great great grandson of Col. Santana


Submitted by Compatriot Larry Bodin

Picture appeared in the Franklin Banner Tribune on Thursday, May 2, 1963 . Bob Angers is asking for identification of those in the picture. On May 14, my great Aunt ( Mrs. Azema Dumesnil Tyler) states that the gentleman standing fourth from the right is Henry Penn. He was a member of the police jury during building of the past courthouse. Henry Penn was her grandfather and his first child, Annette Penn Dumesnil was born on the first day of the Civil War. They lived on the western part of the parish between Ashton and Adeline.


Prominent among the visiting Veterans were Gen. T, J. Shaffer, Commander of the Louisiana Division of the United Confederate Veterans, Col. Charles Santana, his Adjutant General, Major Thomas Higgins and Major John Cornahan, of New Orleans , Mr. F. L. Richarson, who was a gallant member of the famous St. Mary Volunteers, Major Paul DeCloutte and William Clegg, who fought from the beginning to the end under General Lee, in Virginia, both of Lafayette; Gen. John McGrath and Gen. A. B. Booth, the orator of the day.

  Original Article appeared in the Banner Feb. 28, 1914

Original picture was taken on Feb. 20, 1914 , unveiling of the Confederate Monument in the courthouse square, Franklin , La.


Editors Note:

Henry Penn was one of several of Larry's ancestors, (great grand-uncle) who fought in the war.

Old CSA soldier Henry Penn with his beloved dogs. Picture submitted by Larry Bodin


Recent Camp News


 Some of our Crew  of the  Adopt A Road Project at Camp Pratt on Highway 182 are pictured below.

Below left to right Commander Bonin,  Allen Dale Belaire and Dixie, his super mower,  Travis Callahan, Ricky Hebert, Dale Hebert, and standing  the late Donald Boudreaux, Mike Broussard, and Murphy Vincent. 

Members of the crew  not pictured are John Francois, Clyde Aucoin,  and Terry Badon.



This picture  is  from a previous cleanup.

Clean up Pratt May 19, 2012 (1) photo by Dale Hebert

Clean up Pratt May 19, 2012 (2) photo by Clyde Aucoin

Note to Travis

 Need civilian camera person  for future group pictures



Dues Structure

The Commander wishes to clarify the dues structure of The SCV. Normally there is a charge of $30.00 to National Headquarters and a $5.00 fee that is sent to Louisiana Division. Usually there is an additional $12.00 that goes to the Camp. Camp 2032 does not collect that $12.00 in order to keep your dues as low as possible. The Camp has no control over the practice of the Louisiana Division sending our members dues notices.


A new member is scheduled to be inducted into our Camp at the next meeting.


Remember that visitors are always welcomed by Camp 2032.






Click here to view our Camp Honor Roll 




Members On Sick Call

Please let me know if you know of a member who is ill.






Compatriot Dale Hebert with a picture of the tombstone of his ancestor CSA soldier Edward Hebert





Visit The Young Sanders Center for the study of the War Between The States.

 The following are directions on how the get there compliments of Compatriot Don Boudreaux.

  When you exit Highway 90 (exit 3211) at Franklin, you go left under Highway 90
underpass and just a few blocks on the left is Charlie's, you go about a mile and you will come to a dead end intersection at old Hwy 90 which is Franklin's Main Street.  At that intersection you take a right and go on into town a couple miles until you get to the intersection of Main and Iberia Street (a stop light). You go on and the next intersection is Adams Street, the next street is Jackson Street, take a left there and  go one block and that dead ends at the Bayou Teche. Take a right and that is Teche Street. On the right after Scelfo Cleaners is the Young-Sanders Center. There is parking in front on the left side next
to the Bayou.

Click on the link below to visit the beautiful Young- Sanders Center for Research on the War Between The States located in Franklin, Louisiana. Please consider becoming a "Friend Of The Center".

Young-Sanders Center Foundation ( Franklin Museum)




The purpose of our Camp is to honor our ancestors who fought against overwhelming odds when their home states seceded from the union. They responded to their Country's call much like our current soldiers who now fight in Iraq. Many did not want to fight, much less die. But soldiers across history have responded to a call to service. I am proud of my ancestors service to their country and I am proud of my own service to my country. God Bless our soldiers who are now in harms way and fighting for our freedom.



Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought; to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

- Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General,  United Confederate Veterans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1906


The SCV does not condone or have any connection to any group which misuses  Confederate Flags or symbols, or defames the name of the Confederate Soldier in the name of hatred or racism


The flag of General Hebert and his 3rd Louisiana Infantry and The General Louis Hebert Camp 2032 of the SCV

Click on this link to read the truth about the War of 1861

A lesson in History ( The War of 1861 )



Photo by Heathe Courville

This bust of General Louis Hebert was dedicated in 1910 and is located  in the Vicksburg, Mississippi Battlefield Park. Click on the link below to get to the Vicksburg Park Service Commanders page, then select General Louis Hebert from the list. 

 Note: Everything is considered in the public domain on the Vicksburg Site including the bust of the General. It may be distributed or copied as is permitted by the law.



General Louis Hebert CSA

© 2004 Allen Dale Belaire

Click here to read General Hebert's Official Reports on the Vicksburg, Mississippi siege


Click here to see the Louisiana Civil War Map of Battles


The Dedication of the Confederate Memorial in Franklin, LA February 28, 1914 From the   St. Mary Banner Newspaper. Picture submitted by Larry D. Bodin



For those who think that our ancestors fought to preserve slavery I submit the following :

In all their motley array there was hardly a uniform to be seen, and then, and throughout all the brilliant campaign on which they were about to enter there was nothing to distinguish their officers, even a general, from the men in the ranks, save a bit of red flannel, or a piece of cotton cloth, fastened to the shoulder, or to the arm, of the former. But for all that they were the truest and best of soldiers. Many of them, when just emerging from  endured to the dangers and privations of the wilderness; and many had engaged in the hot strife which had ensanguined the prairies of Kansas. 


Among them there was hardly a man who could not read and write, and who was not more intelligent than the great mass of American citizens; not one who had not voluntarily abandoned his home with all its tender ties, and thrown away all his possessions, and left father and mother, or wife and children, within the enemy's lines, that he might himself stand by the South in her hour of great peril, and help her to defend her fields and her firesides. And among them all there was not a man who had come forth to fight for slavery.
Thomas L. Snead, on the Missouri State Guard in his book, Fight For Missouri.


General Hebert's Life in Brief

Gen Louis Hebert, a first cousin of General Paul O. Hebert, and a
brother-in-law of Gen. Walter H. Stevens, was born in Iberville Parish, La., March 13, 1820. His early education came from private tutors on the family plantation.
Later he attended Jefferson College in La. and graduated third in the class of
1845 at West Point. He resigned two years later to take charge of his father's
sugar interests. During the years before the outbreak of the War for Southern
Independence, he was an officer of militia; a member of the state senate, and
chief engineer of La. Hebert entered the Confederate Army as a colonel of the
3rd La. Infantry.
He fought with credit at Wilson's Creek, and was captured
with a large part of his command at the battle of Elkhorn. After being exchanged,
he was promoted to brigadier general on May 26, 1862. He commanded the 2nd
Brigade of Gen. Henry Little's division of Price's army in North Mississippi,
taking a gallant part in the battles of Iuka, Corinth, and in the siege of
Vicksburg. He was subsequently and until the end of the war in charge of the heavy artillery in and around Fort Fisher, North Carolina; and also acted as chief
engineer of the Confederate War Dept in that state. He returned to La. upon the
cessation of hostilities and spent the remaining years of his life editing a
newspaper and teaching in private schools in Iberville and St. Martin Parishes, in the latter of which his death occurred on Jan. 7, 1901. He was buried near Cecilia, La. and later re-buried by the Sons of Confederate Veterans at St.
Joseph's Cemetery in Cecilia, LA.




Hebert Camp News 

 The Camp has now joined the Adopt-A-Road project and adopted both sides the road within 1/4 mile of the Camp Pratt Memorial Marker on Highway 182 North of New Iberia, LA. Signs have been installed by the Louisiana State Highway Department. Our mission is to keep the area at and near the marker litter free. Thanks to all our members who participated in the first clean up on April 15, 2006 

Brig. General John G. Pratt Memory Honored

A year long project to honor further the memory of General John G. Pratt has finally come to fruition in Portland, Connecticut. Hebert Camp 1st.Lt.Commander , Perry Vannoy, started a search for the gravesite of the General and by library research and electronic communications he was able to contact and establish communications with Hartford, Connecticut Historian and Archivist Robert G. Carroon  Mr. Carroon was able to locate the Pratt family burial plot in the town of Portland, Connecticut .There was nothing on the burial markers to indicate that Mr. Pratt had been a CSA General or a resident and sugar cane planter in Opelousas, Louisiana .

In a series of written and phone conversations over the course of a year , Compatriot Perry Vannoy and Mr. Carroon planned a memorial service to be held at the gravesite with local re-enactors of both the Union and Confederate Armies, all descendants of soldiers of the War Between The States in attendance. 

The Louis Hebert Camp 2032 commissioned a bronze plaque to be manufactured with the inscription written by local Louisiana resident Mr. Pratt Munsen, great -great grandson of General Pratt.

 On Sunday, July 30, 2006, in Portland, Connecticut,  the above plaque was placed on the Pratt Tombstone in a reverent ceremony attended by Camp 2032 Commander Clarence Bonin and Compatriot Donald Boudreaux, and Mr. Pratt Munsen and a dozen members of his family  all   descendants of General Pratt. 

General John G. Pratt has been honored and another historical project of the General Louis Hebert Camp 2032 SCV has been completed.








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Replica Flag by member Donald Boudreaux 

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Acadians in Gray by Steven A. Cormier


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